One Photo Every Day

I have a friend named Anne Black. She is quite good with her camera. I love looking through her photos. And it has been interesting to watch both her skill level with her equipment and her gift for finding interesting and moving subjects advance as she has continued her hobby of photography. A while back, she mad a New Year’s resolution to take one photo a day, and share them.

I’m quite a bit newer to photography than she was when she started her 365 project, and I’m less naturally gifted than she is (at just about EVERYTHING). So I want to get it said right up front that this project is neither an emulation of, nor is it in competition with, her project. I just thought it was a great idea and wanted to try it myself.

So, here are the rules for my new resolution:

1) One photo must be taken, processed and uploaded to this blog each day. I may not take several photos in one day and post them on several different days. I may, however, post several photos on one day, provided all photos are taken the day they are uploaded. A grace period of 8 hours will be in effect as well.

2) I will write at least one paragraph about each post describing the subject matter of the photo(s), the circumstances in which the shot was captured, things I learned from the shot, etc…

3) I will do my best to refrain from replicating a shot I have already posted. There won’t be a picture of the sunset every night or anything like that. If I want to do a project about sunsets, I will post that on my account.

4) I will have fun. I will keep trying when I’m bored. And I will not use this blog as a venue in which to complain, though I may use it as a venue in which to share.

I hope you all enjoy!

About Adeo

Amateur at photography, music, writing, blogging, internet-ing and life. Loving it all the way though!
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3 Responses to One Photo Every Day

  1. I’m doing my first 365 Project too! Although I’m going to wait for January first to actually start. Good luck!!

  2. Taylor says:

    Yeah! Stoked to see your work brah!

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