Baby Time

I was so worried all yesterday and today about what would be my first post of the year. I was convinced that since it was the first in this 365 series it was going to have to be very important. I wanted my first post to set a tone. To describe me and my life. I wanted a picture which spoke 1,000 words. Well, I got one.

I have seen film footage of lion prides devouring a kill, mercilessly shredding it to bits, leaving no part of it intact. They’ve got nothin’ on a one-year-old with a birthday cake.

My niece, Addyson Olivia Jackson, was born on New Year’s Eve last year. So, yes, her birthday was technically yesterday. But because of various scheduling reasons, her first birthday party was held here (at Mima’s — which is ‘Grandma’ in Addyson-speak) tonight. And I swear, for most of the cake killing she looked like she thought she was getting away with something.

It was as if she knew there was something wrong with all of this goodness in one place at one time. Though, she looked like she absolutely loved all of the attention.

And she seemed to have something to teach the adults present about unadulterated gluttony. Yeah, she definitely knew there was something about which to celebrate.

While, for some of the evening, she may have resembled a ravenous animal, mostly she was a perfect little angel.





About Adeo

Amateur at photography, music, writing, blogging, internet-ing and life. Loving it all the way though!
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