Before We Continue

I took on this project as a way to teach myself to a) take more pictures, and b) find new– and hopefully, more creative– ways to take pictures. I was unsatisfied with my ability to see (in that “I see–insert adjective here–people.” kind of a way) a great shot and take it. I have other friends who take pictures of the most interesting things. And they are thing’s I’d never think to shoot. I assumed that if I had to shoot more often, I would shoot in a more creative way. Assumptions are rarely good…

In a mere 16 days, I have already begun dreading each day’s post because I feel like I HAVE to go get a dazzling shot every day. When I can’t come up with something that I feel is good to shoot, I end up not shooting anything till the last minute. And that doesn’t exactly yield positive effects either. So, here is a warning:

I am resolved to shoot and post at least one photo a day. I abandon any lingering hope that they will be good photos. For now, I’m sticking with quantity over quality.

About Adeo

Amateur at photography, music, writing, blogging, internet-ing and life. Loving it all the way though!
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1 Response to Before We Continue

  1. anne says:

    Hey–give yourself a break! Have you looked at my 365s? most of the pics aren’t spectacular.. in fact, there are very few out of the whole bunch that I’m *really* happy with. It’s about learning, so go learn some more 🙂 take your camera with you everywhere, and shoot random things. Sometimes, you catch something fabulous:
    55 - Unexpected

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