From here on out

I have found a new place to host my photo blog. Since I was forced to take a break from my 365 post because of oral surgery, this seems like the perfect time to start posting there instead of here. Until I put all these posts there, this wordpress blog will remain active. Please join me for future posts on tumblr though.

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Monday, 17 January 2011

One shot. A falcon let me take one picture of it before it flew away. This is today’s post 🙂

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

On Sunday a friend asked me to do a photo shoot with her of her cousin. It is burlesque in style so I will not show much of it here, but there were some really cool ones I did want to show off 🙂

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Saturday, 15 January 2011

I couldn’t sleep at ALL Friday night. Early Saturday morning, Meagan and her little girl Kaelyn came over. I got some shots early in the day.

Later on Saturday I went back to my friend’s house with the water truck and the small comforts mentioned earlier.

Later that night was a trip to go get water in the infamous water truck. It broke down on the way. It broke down about 25 times. The battery had to be jumped about every 2 minutes. This is not an exaggeration. It then ran out of gas on the way back. I will NEVER, EVER again take plumbing for granted.

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I know, I know…

I didn’t post here yesterday. And I’m not posting a picture here today. But I haven’t broken my resolution yet. I did take pictures both yesterday and today, and I did post them. I just posted them to Flickr and Facebook. I am giving myself permission to postpone my posts for Sat and Sun until tomorrow. I’m still sick and need to get to bed. But do check back tomorrow evening because I’ve got two great posts for you!

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Before We Continue

I took on this project as a way to teach myself to a) take more pictures, and b) find new– and hopefully, more creative– ways to take pictures. I was unsatisfied with my ability to see (in that “I see–insert adjective here–people.” kind of a way) a great shot and take it. I have other friends who take pictures of the most interesting things. And they are thing’s I’d never think to shoot. I assumed that if I had to shoot more often, I would shoot in a more creative way. Assumptions are rarely good…

In a mere 16 days, I have already begun dreading each day’s post because I feel like I HAVE to go get a dazzling shot every day. When I can’t come up with something that I feel is good to shoot, I end up not shooting anything till the last minute. And that doesn’t exactly yield positive effects either. So, here is a warning:

I am resolved to shoot and post at least one photo a day. I abandon any lingering hope that they will be good photos. For now, I’m sticking with quantity over quality.

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Forever Young

This gallery contains 4 photos.

I hung out with a friend today. Ended up at his girlfriend’s apartment and got to meet her two sons. They are both fiercely intelligent, pragmatic, outgoing, energetic boys. The older of the two has quite an extended vocabulary and … Continue reading

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Cusp Lights and Sky Water

I’m sick. This is what I had in me today. The sunset was real pretty so I took some pictures. I assumed you’d enjoy that more than shots of me blowing my nose. No worries, however, if you really wanted to see that. Theres a good chance that’s what tomorrow’s post will be. I show no signs of improving. Meh… enjoy the cusp lights of day-night and the waves in the sky water.

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This is the face one makes when one finds out that one has just been screwed…

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